21 September 2007

Balloons Go Pop!

I recall a childhood party. Probably the first one I attended. It was a fellow student's birthday 'do, so naturally there were games. One of these was a race to sit on a balloon and pop it. I refused to do it. The birthday girl's father kept trying to get me to sit on that balloon, and he couldn’t understand that I was scared to--either I was afraid of the noise or I was afraid of “hurting” the balloon. I ended up crying over it, and the parents phoned my mother to come and get me. That was the last birthday party I attended as a child.


unsmurf said...

I remember this game ... we played it in kindergarten once, and I remember being totally scared of the loud noise while the other kids joyfully bounced on their balloons. On the last birthday I had to attend as a child they had a "blow up your balloon till it pops" contest. The fact that some of the girls attending were even younger than me didn't really help to improve my reputation. :(

Anonymous said...

Why not get rid of your phobia? Pop balloons throwing darts at them from a comfortable distance. Try reducing the distance and take time. In a few weeks and some 50 balloons you can enjoy popping them near you.

Anonymous said...

Why pop balloons? They are beautiful and soft and shin and fun ust to have around.

I can never understand why people have to burst them "for fun".

If you had a ball would you break it for fun or destroy flowers for fun.

Enjoy lovely balloons for what they are.